Terms of Use

Registered subscriber of WarehouseTWO’s service (“MEMBER”) and all of its users agree to abide to these terms of use stated herein. WarehouseTWO reserves the right to change these terms of use at anytime, without prior notification to MEMBER. (Changes to these terms will be posted on the WarehouseTWO web site and announced within ten (10) days of any change, via electronic communication to MEMBER account administrators.) MEMBER may change or cancel its membership at any time without penalty or incurring any additional fees.

  1. MEMBER’s use of the WarehouseTWO site constitutes MEMBER’s binding acceptance of these terms of use, including any modifications to these terms of use that WarehouseTWO makes at its sole discretion. Failure by MEMBER to abide by these terms will result in immediate suspension of access to the site, at the sole discretion of WarehouseTWO. MEMBER agrees that WarehouseTWO will not be liable to MEMBER or any third party if such action is taken.
  2. WarehouseTWO is not a buyer or seller of material goods. Any buy/sell transaction resulting from information made available by WarehouseTWO to MEMBER is subject to the terms and conditions negotiated by buyer and seller. WarehouseTWO is not an interested party in any transaction between its MEMBERs.
  3. WarehouseTWO is not responsible for the accuracy of information posted by any MEMBER.
  4. WarehouseTWO is not responsible for the quality, condition or re-salability of any item posted by any MEMBER for sale on its site.
  5. MEMBER agrees to post for sale only new product, as packaged by the manufacturer for resale, unless clearly identified otherwise in the item description field.
  6. WarehouseTWO does not ensure uninterrupted availability of its web site.
  7. WarehouseTWO reserves the right to restrict MEMBER from search access to products for which MEMBER is not authorized to buy directly from the manufacturer.
  8. Membership levels, rights and monthly fees are subject to change at any time, without prior notice. (WarehouseTWO will make reasonable effort to inform MEMBER of any changes to membership levels, rights and fees. MEMBER will be given a brief grace period to change or cancel its membership without penalty. MEMBER will not be charged any additional fees without prior consent.)
  9. MEMBER shall not access information available at the WarehouseTWO web site in any automated method, other than as provided by the site, and shall only access the web site manually via commercially available web browser software.
  10. WarehouseTWO reserves the right to communicate unsolicited information pertinent to membership and use of the site to MEMBER. Such communication is considered to be part of the service provided by WarehouseTWO.
  11. MEMBER shall not use WarehouseTWO, its site or information found on its site to conduct any illegal activity or to damage WarehouseTWO or its MEMBERS.
  12. MEMBER shall not use information on WarehouseTWO’s site, including but not limited to product information, price or member information, for any use beyond the intended purpose of buying product from or selling product to any other MEMBER.
  13. WarehouseTWO disclaims any responsibility for the timely or accurate presentation of information provided by any MEMBER, including, but not limited to, inventory postings, membership applications, and membership change requests.
  14. By accessing WarehouseTWO’s website and using its tools and features, MEMBER agrees to be bound by Google’s Terms of Service. (Google’s mapping and distance calculation APIs are used at the WarehouseTWO website.)
  15. Any dispute between one or more MEMBERs and WarehouseTWO that cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties shall be resolved by binding arbitration in accordance with the commercial arbitration rules of the American Arbitration Association.
  16. Use of WarehouseTWO by MEMBER is governed by the laws of the State of California, USA.

(Updated September 2016)